Club COVID-19 Update 

We hope that you and your families are well in this time of global pandemic.

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to world events and the same is true for sports clubs, including our own. The onset of the pandemic saw our association having to cancel grand finals at the end of last season (cancelling a sure Senior League Div 2 victory for St. Pats!). Our presentation day and usual post-season events and awards were similarly cancelled or delayed. The St. George Baseball Association has cancelled the adult competition for the Winter Season, meaning no winter baseball for the first time in many years.  With the reopening of youth sport on 1 July, operations for our club are continuing and the committee is continuing to meet and plan for the conclusion of last season the start of the next baseball season. We wanted to provide you with updates as to the following:  
2019/2020 season – Trophies and awards from last season for all of the St. Pats, Bonnet Bay and joint venture teams have been ordered and we are awaiting delivery. 5-Year Caps and 10-Year or premiership Jackets are similarly in process. Players eligible for jackets will be contacted shortly regarding sizing.  End of season yearbooks and photos are completed and delivered and will be made available to team managers once the trophies arrive for distribution to their teams. 
2020/2021 season – THERE WILL BE BASEBALL NEXT SEASON, however we have received notice that the start of next season is being pushed back until 9 and 10 October to allow winter sports to have a more normal season. The current draft schedule has baseball being played through the end of March. We are unsure at this point how our grounds will be affected by the late handover from soccer. We will likely need many hands to get the fields ready for resumption of play in October.
Registration - our registration will soon be beginning – please check the website and Facebook for updates. We have received word that the Active Kids Voucher has been integrated into the online registration system. Please pass the word along to those you know who may be interested in playing for St. Pats!
Try Baseball/Wiffleball day – date and times to be advised (pending approval from Rugby League, CSJBA and Council).
Tee Ball – we are once again providing all incoming tee ballers with welcome kits, providing a glove, backpack, water bottle and tee shirt for our newest club members. With the Active Kids voucher, tee ball is no cost to parents. Please spread the word, as the club is looking to add as many new teams as possible.
Grading day – we will advise as to a date for grading before the start of the next season. The date will likely be in September.
COVID restrictions and canteen – we are awaiting guidance from state government regarding canteen operations. If permission is granted to allow us to operate a canteen, we are looking for volunteers to assist with the operations of the canteen. Kerry and Jason Charles have generously volunteered in the canteen for two years.  As a committee, we are happy to work with anyone who has suggestions on how to run the canteen. Or if you just have a few hours to dedicate to the club, the club sure would appreciate it. 
We look forward to seeing all of you back on the fields!
Your St. Pats Club Committee